Art of Shell NFT Release

A collection of unique art charting the Shell Protocol journey

The Shell v2 final testnet update is live. Proteus and the Ocean are complete. After months of building and experimenting, the team is now putting the final touches on what will become the next generation of DeFi. Very soon, the guarded launch will begin.

In our last update, we promised two special community events to mark the launch of Shell v2. The first one is here today, and it's one that was born (like the toucans) from community input. For months, Shell users have requested a way to own the iconic Shell World artwork in our announcements and blog posts. As of now, you can.

For the next two weeks, we will be auctioning off thirteen one-of-one original Shell World illustrations as Arbitrum NFTs. Each of these pieces was hand-drawn to mark a moment in the history of Shell World, and there will only ever be one of each piece officially on-chain.

To bid on a piece, you can visit the collection page here or click on a title below to be taken to its Stratos page. Highest offers will be tracked on Stratos, and at the end of two weeks (on September 2nd) we will accept the highest bid for each piece of art.

Owners of an Art of Shell NFT will receive the 'Collector' role in the Shell Discord, and early/exclusive access to future Shell Protocol merchandise/swag and in-person events. In addition, ten percent of all proceeds from the initial sales will be donated to Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii, a charity specializing in ocean cleanup of sensitive Pacific ecosystems.

Holding an Art of Shell NFT is a great way to support the protocol and own a piece of history as we enter a new, exciting breakout stage. Browse the collection now and place your bids!

Welcome to Shell World

The first-ever drawing of Alice and Bob. Created to welcome users to Shell World and announce a call for new full-time team members.

Discovering Proteus

Alice and Bob discover the strange Proteus machine on the shoreline. Proteus himself looms in the clouds above. Created to mark the announcement of the Proteus AMM engine.

The Ocean Network

A vast network of enormous tower spans across a beautiful tropical landscape, connected with energy beams. Created to mark the announcement of the Ocean accounting system for Shell v2.

Reaching The Tower

Alice and Bob hike to the base of a huge, powerful Ocean tower above the clouds. Created to mark the announcement of the Ocean accounting system for Shell v2.

Undersea Network

Ocean technology runs along the seafloor of Shell World, creating a single network of unlimited potential. Created to mark the announcement of the Ocean accounting system for Shell v2.

Sea vs Shell

Alice and Bob face off in a heated discussion over the name and ticker of the future Shell Protocol governance token. Created to mark the announcement of the Sea vs. Shell event, the first-ever community vote.

Toucan Picnic

Alice and Bob share colorful drinks, surrounded by playful toucans on a Shell World beach after a tiring hike. Created to commemorate the massive success of the Government Toucan mint on April 1, 2022.

Discovering the Accountant

Alice and Bob dive deep beneath the surface of the Ocean to discover the enigmatic Accountant below. Created to emphasize the potential of the Ocean accounting system in Shell v2.

Testnet Tower Hack

Alice and Bob scale the heights of a Shell World tower to access the Accountant's network. Created to mark the launch of the Shell v2 testnet.

Arbinaut Landing

Bob shakes hands with an Arbinaut captain on a Shell World beach as toucans flock. Created to mark the announcement of Shell v2's deployment on Arbitrum mainnet.


The first-ever appearance of Eve, riding on her MEV bot swarm to seek fortune and cause mischief in Shell World. Created to mark the announcement of the MEV harnessing system for Shell v2.

The Alpha Fleet

Bob stands on a rocky cliff, waving a Shell World flag to call the Alpha Fleet into a harbor. Created to mark the announcement of the Alpha Fleet program for Shell Protocol partners.

Carnival Ride

Alice and Bob laugh in the seats of a Shell World carnival ride, holding shimmering Shell Point tickets in hand. Created to mark the announcement of Shell Points on Shell v2.

Browse the full collection and bid here.

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