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Now Hiring for Shell Protocol

A list of open positions and needed skills on the Shell team. A long voyage needs a full complement. Now and in the months ahead, the Shell Protocol team is filling its ranks as the Ocean beckons. A bala... [→]

  • Now Hiring for Shell Protocol

    A list of open positions and needed skills on the Shell team. A long voyage needs a full complement. Now and in the months ahead, the Shell Protocol team is filling its ranks as the Ocean beckons. A bala... [→]

  • Lunar New Year Crafting Challenge

    Introducing the first ever Shell community challenge. Alice and Bob have just made a wonderful discovery about the miscellaneous items retrieved from Bro Kwon’s booty… They can be used to craft beautiful... [→]

  • The Crafting Moon

    Alice and Bob salvage the wreckage from Bro Kwon’s yacht. LAST TIME… Miscellaneous items don’t currently increase quota or point boosters. In fact, Alice doesn’t think they’re good for anything—whenever ... [→]

  • Introducing Shellscan

    A blog announcing Shellscan release. To those who have been with us since the beginning, you may have noticed that this year has been an especially exciting one for Shell Protocol as we’ve hit several ma... [→]

  • The Tale of Bro Kwon’s Booty

    Embark on a treasure hunt for Bro Kwon’s booty. When we last heard from our heroes, Alice and Bob had washed ashore on a deserted atoll, having played a key role in helping take down Bro Kwon. A lone tou... [→]

  • Signals from the Deep

    A message from the Accountant and a sudden appearance in Shell World. This is an ongoing blog post which will be updated regularly in the time leading up to the launch of Shell v2. Follow the Shell Proto... [→]

  • Shell Launches Proteus AMM Engine

    A new leap forward for DeFi. Naiad Rising Today is a big day. After over eighteen months of research and development, we are finally deploying Proteus, our groundbreaking AMM engine, to Arbitrum mainnet!... [→]

  • Launch

    A letter from Kenny White on the launch of Shell v2. Aloha, Today, we are launching Shell on Arbitrum mainnet. This is the culmination of years of hard work. Starting now, you can wrap tokens into Shell ... [→]

  • How to Migrate from Shell v1 to v2

    A guide to moving funds from Shell v1 to Shell v2. This is an article in Shell Guides. Shell Guides is a series of tutorials and explanatory articles shedding light on Shell Protocol, web3, and finance a... [→]

  • Shell v2 Launch Plan and Quotas

    A look at quota allotment for Shell v2. Quotas It’s almost time for the Shell v2 guarded launch. What does ‘guarded’ mean here? It means we want to keep the initial protocol TVL small for the sake of sec... [→]

  • Art of Shell NFT Release

    A collection of unique art charting the Shell Protocol journey. The Shell v2 final testnet update is live. Proteus and the Ocean are complete. After months of building and experimenting, the team is now ... [→]

  • Introducing Shell Points

    A new way to track user contributions to Shell v2. Testnet Build Complete Today, Shell Protocol has deployed our final major update for the Shell v2 testnet. This update introduces ETH wraps, an ETH-stab... [→]

  • Launching the Alpha Fleet

    A new league of builders utilizing Shell v2. Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of Shell’s Partner program, Alpha Fleet. In short, Alpha Fleet will be a coalition of teams and projects creating ... [→]

  • How Shell v2 Harnesses MEV

    A new approach turns MEV bandits into bodyguards. Eve and her bots are on the prowl. But we can get her to use her powers for good… Maximum Extractable Value What if you could turn MEV bots from frontrun... [→]

  • Shell Chooses Arbitrum for v2 Launch

    Paradigm-shifting DeFi architecture on a Top-Tier L2. Bob and Alice welcome Arbinauts to Shell World. It’s the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Shell v2 is almost here. If you’ve seen the current tes... [→]

  • Shell v2 Testnet Release

    Details and a link to the Shell v2 testnet. The wait to try Shell v2 has ended. As of right now, we are extending testnet access to members of the general public for use on Arbitrum Rinkeby. The Shell v2... [→]

  • The Voyage Ahead

    A look at the upcoming guarded launch and the roadmap for Shell v2. A Flock of Toucans 2022 has been a year of milestones for Shell Protocol. In February, we released the Ocean white paper and open-sourc... [→]

  • Play Trivia Games and Win Toucans!

    A chance for free toucans and a community trivia event on our next Mindmeld Live. Toucans come and toucans go. Knowledge is forever. For that reason and many others, we are excited to announce some detai... [→]

  • Running our Twitter with Government Toucans

    An introduction to the very first toucameral vote for Shell Protocol. Hey. How was your weekend? If it was anything like ours, it was full of toucans and many, many new friends. In a few short days, our ... [→]

  • Launching our Government Toucan

    A free one-day drop from the Shell Protocol team on Arbitrum. UPDATE: "Government Toucans" was a twenty-four hour social experiment April Fools event conducted by Stanford University Shell Prot... [→]

  • Rumors of Hidden Fortune

    News about a mysterious community challenge for Shell Protocol. Over the past few weeks, Shell Protocol has seen a growing rush of activity. Between our first Mindmeld Live and the Sea vs. Shell competit... [→]

  • Team Spotlight on Cairo Smith

    An interview with Chief Marketing Officer Cairo Smith. Last week, we met with chief marketing officer Cairo Smith to talk about movies, secrets, and old technology. Our questions and his answers are belo... [→]

  • Sea vs. Shell Competition

    A competition to determine the name of the Shell Protocol governance token. The Sea vs. Shell competition has now ended. $SHELL beat $SEA in the community vote, with final results of 1,897 to 376. As a r... [→]

  • The Ocean

    Details on the release of the Ocean white paper and reference implementation. Read the Ocean white paper here, and see the reference implementation here. In October of 2020, Shell Protocol launched v1, a... [→]

  • Shell for Devs

    An overview and list of resources for building with Shell v2. Shell v2 Resources Ocean Explainer Proteus Explainer GitHub What is Shell Protocol? Shell Protocol is a smarter home for DeFi. The long-await... [→]

  • Shell Social at ETHDenver 2022

    An invitation to join the Shell team for food and drinks at ETHDenver 2022. Meet new friends. Get to know the team. Have a drink on us. This February, Shell Protocol is hosting an evening get-together at... [→]

  • Team Spotlight on Thomas Sciaroni

    An interview with Cowri Labs lead developer Thomas Sciaroni. Last week, we sat down with head developer Thomas Sciaroni to talk about code, poetry, ski lifts, and starting out as a DeFi developer. Our qu... [→]

  • Team Spotlight on Kenny White

    An interview with Cowri Labs founder and chief economist Kenny White. Last weekend, a few members of the Shell Protocol team got together with founder Kenny White to ask him a bit about himself and the p... [→]

  • Proteus AMM Engine

    An introduction to the Proteus AMM Engine and an overview of its white paper and reference implementation. “Then spake Proteus, great Naiad, and seas churned beneath his mutable form.” — Sir Edmund Hale ... [→]

  • Shell Protocol v2 Roadmap

    Launch roadmap for Shell Protocol v2 with details on features and improvements, as well as liquidity mining and governance token plans. Introduction: The Ocean is Rising Almost exactly one year ago, the ... [→]

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