Shell v2 Testnet Release

Details and a link to the Shell v2 testnet

The wait to try Shell v2 has ended. As of right now, we are extending testnet access to members of the general public for use on Arbitrum Rinkeby.

The Shell v2 testnet is a way to experiment with the new interface without having to use real stablecoins. You can LP, wrap tokens, and even try out the new multi-token swap feature by adding more than two token types to your trade.

Shell v2 has a lot of exciting components coming, and some are already available now. More will be added to the testnet in the months ahead, but this is a first slice of what we have to offer.

Since the testnet is on the Arbitrum Rinkeby test network, you’ll need to follow a few steps to get free test ETH and move it to the correct sidechain:

  1. Set up Metamask on a desktop browser if you haven’t already.

  2. Connect to Mainnet Rinkeby. With Metamask, in the network selection dropdown, click ‘show/hide test networks’ and then switch to Rinkeby Test Network.

  3. Get Rinkeby ETH. Use a Rinkeby faucet while connected to Rinkeby with your Metamask wallet. Here’s one.

  4. Visit the Arbitrum bridge. Your Metamask wallet must be connected to Rinkeby Test Network. Using the bridge, deposit your Rinkeby ETH (it will be sent to the Arbitrum Rinkeby network).

  5. Add Arbitrum Rinkeby to your Metamask network list. In your Metamask network selection dropdown, click ‘Add Network.’ Fill in the details from the Offchain Labs Public Testnet Guide.

  6. Connect to Arbitrum Rinkeby. You can now use the Shell v2 testnet. To receive test stablecoins, use the ‘faucet’ tab and claim your allocation.

Once you’ve checked it out, we’d love to chat about it with you on our Discord server. Feedback is completely optional, but we appreciate your thoughts and we’d love to know your perspective. The #testnet-faq channel has more answers to common questions, and the #testnet channel is available for testnet discussion.

As we’ve mentioned on Twitter, using or not using the testnet with have no effect on any future retroactive rewards. The same thing applies to providing testnet feedback. You also do not need to provide your public key to the Shell team on Twitter or Discord unless requested.

There will be additional ways to provide feedback in the coming months. There will also be further updates to the testnet, announced on Discord and Twitter, as we receive your notes and implement new features. For now, enjoy! Thanks for sharing this moment with us, and we’ll see you around.

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