Launching our Government Toucan

A free one-day drop from the Shell Protocol team on Arbitrum

UPDATE: "Government Toucans" was a twenty-four hour social experiment April Fools event conducted by Stanford University Shell Protocol. The experiment event has now concluded. Thank you for your participation.

If you still want a Toucan, you can take a look at the secondary markets on Stratos and Tofu.

Every DeFi denizen knows those two fateful words — “Wen token?” In Discord lobbies, in AMAs, and all across Twitter the question rings out. In time it becomes constant, another piece of background noise in the bustling DeFi metropolis. But, every once in a while, a flash of new and bold innovation cuts through the chatter. It demands your attention, staying in your mind long after the moment has passed.

On November 26, 2021, such innovation was delivered in the Shell Protocol Discord server by user Joe [Comfy Ventures]:

Toucan. That was the word he spoke. So alike what had come before, and yet utterly transformed. When? When toucan? When toucan, indeed. Our team spent many long and painstaking minutes poring over this question, and in the end the conclusion was clear. We had to devote scarce and vital resources to finding this man an answer.

Today, the answer has arrived. While Shell v2 remains in deep development, our team has put together a ‘token’ gift for our community. For the next 24 hours, anyone can visit our Toucanomics page to mint their very own Government Toucan, a free Shell Protocol NFT. All you need is a wallet, and enough Arbitrum ETH to cover the network fee.

Make sure you have a free Metamask wallet installed and set to the Arbitrum network. You can follow this tutorial for moving ETH from mainnet to Arbitrum using the Arbitrum Bridge.

What does a Government Toucan do? Who knows. For now it gets you into the #toucan-lounge on the Shell Protocol Discord server. Tomorrow, maybe it gets you a date with Kenny? That’s unlikely. But after April 1st there will never be another minting opportunity for this set — so grab yours while you can.

You can browse the Government Toucans minted so far on Stratos, although you’ll notice they are all unrevealed at present. The Government Toucan art reveal will happen tomorrow, after the minting period has concluded. Maybe you’ll discover you got an ultra-rare mint, like the one-of-one Noir Toucan or the elusive Shiny Toucan.

Government Toucan minting is limited to one mint per wallet, although of course they can be sold and transferred afterward. These Toucans are the first ever Shell Protocol NFT drop, and our first ever deployment of code on the Arbitrum network — both pretty exciting milestones for the protocol and the community.

Mint your Toucan here, then use #collabland-join on our Discord to join the ranks of the Toucan Wranglers. Stand by for the art reveal after minting completes on April 2nd. Using the same mint page, you’ll be able to see the art for your Toucan and any other on-chain Toucan once it’s live. In addition, you can browse and trade the whole collection on Stratos!

What rare bird awaits your mint, o Sheller?

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