Rumors of Hidden Fortune

News about a mysterious community challenge for Shell Protocol

Over the past few weeks, Shell Protocol has seen a growing rush of activity. Between our first Mindmeld Live and the Sea vs. Shell competition, recent events have brought over 1,000 new users to our Discord server. With the community’s guidance, we’ve named our future governance token — $SHELL. We’ve also seen Shell v1 recently surpass $600M in cumulative trade volume. It’s exciting stuff.

The creativity and support of our users has been a big part of this wave. Discord user unionepro put together a thorough Dune Analytics dashboard for Shell v1. Discord user Chim9 took on a moderator role and has watchfully protected our server from potential scammers. Overall, our Mandarin-speaking channel has been thriving, with over twice as many messages per day as our general chat.

Observant eyes may also have noticed something else rising in the shadows. In a channel known as #shell-treasure, messages of uncertain origin have started to appear. Posted documents discuss a mysterious point in space and a coming ascendance. A symbol appears throughout — the seekers’ mark. With some luck, that mark may soon belong to you.

It’s time for us to let some secrets into the open. Some time ago, we set in motion a community challenge that has long since left our control. It has spiraled into something much greater, a mystery that spans both the blockchain and the physical world. Now, with the Sequence II cache, it appears it has finally begun. Our partners at the I.R.E.G. have buried, concealed, and otherwise secreted away digital and material clues leading to various caches in the form of wallet private keys. Find the key, and the corresponding wallet is yours.

The NFT to be claimed by the finder of the Sequence II cache

Clues appearing to relate to the Sequence II cache have appeared on the #shell-treasure channel of our Discord. More is yet to come, and we suspect that even greater challenges are in store. For all the cloak and dagger, we are assured that everything will be properly revealed in the end.

Happy hunting, and please share any discoveries of yours with us and the community at large. In many ways, we’re as much in the dark on this whole adventure as you are.

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