Lunar New Year Crafting Challenge

Introducing the first ever Shell community challenge

Alice and Bob have just made a wonderful discovery about the miscellaneous items retrieved from Bro Kwon’s booty… They can be used to craft beautiful new boosters (and maybe some other things too) just in time for the Lunar New Year!

Do you want a chance to get crafting? Starting today and lasting until February 5, Sunday, 12pm PST (UTC-8), the whole world will be able to join in the very first Shell Community Challenge.

Rabbit Boosters

Anyone can craft a special Lunar New Year booster, the ultra-sleek Rabbit Booster, by using 2 Yacht Chunks and 1 Sunken Drone. Don’t have any miscellaneous items yet? You can grab some on OpenSea.

But don’t dilly-dally! The Rabbit Booster can only ever be crafted during the 2023 Lunar New Year.

You won’t be able to activate the Rabbit Booster until February 6, 12pm PST, the day after the Lunar New Year ends. (This is one day after the special crafting period closes.) Remember, activating an artifact is irreversible so don’t activate your booster until after you have some quota to earn Shell Points!

Warning: just like opening crates and activating items, crafting a new artifact is irreversible. That means you won’t ever be able to deconstruct your new Rabbit Booster (or any other crafted item) in order to get the original items back. That’s because under the hood, when you craft a new artifact you’re really minting a new NFT and burning the old NFTs!

How to Get Higher Boosters

Wondering why there’s no indication of the booster strength yet? The strength of the Rabbit Booster will be determined by growth in TVL (total value locked). That’s where the community challenge comes in! The higher Shell’s TVL on February 5, the stronger the Rabbit Booster will be for everyone. See below for how high the booster could be:

More Friends = Better Boosters

If we want better boosters, we need to recruit more people to try Shell. The better we do, the more we all gain! So get your friends together, tweet up a storm, and help get that sweet TVL rolling in.

The TVL measured for this challenge includes everything on Shell Protocol, meaning wrapped tokens as well as all value held in the Proteus pools. If you’re bringing new friends to Shell, make sure you also show them where to buy a Quota Expander to start earning Shell Points.

You can keep an eye on Shell’s TVL on our DeFi Llama page.

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