Running our Twitter with Government Toucans

An introduction to the very first toucameral vote for Shell Protocol

Hey. How was your weekend? If it was anything like ours, it was full of toucans and many, many new friends. In a few short days, our Shell Protocol Discord community has burgeoned from 3,800 to 13,911 members. We took Arbitrum by absolute storm, smashing records on Stratos marketplace and spiking Arbitrum onboards to their highest one-day levels since the first two days of Arbitrum’s launch. By our measure, it looks like 3.5% of all the wallets on Arbitrum joined just to mint a Toucan.

We’ll do a full debrief on toucanomics, governance, and the roadmap for Shell v2 in the days ahead. Rest assured that all the things you love about Shell (including Proteus AMM Engine and the Ocean) have never been stronger. In fact, after the toucan-storm it’s safe to say that we’re supercharged.

As discussed, we will be launching the Shell governance token (named $SHELL by community vote) following the full launch of v2. As far as the toucans, we created these NFTs as a fun gift for our community on April 1st, and needless to say we were blown away by the response. Of the 10,000 freshly onboarded Shellers, the overwhelming question seems to be, “That was cool, what next?”

Just as we answered Joe [Comfy Ventures]’s fateful question, so too will we answer the call of the Toucan Wranglers. In time the mechanics of toucanocracy will be fine-tuned and adjusted, finding their place in the broader ecosystem of Shell v2. However, there is a more immediate concern that requires the wisdom of the toucan flock.

Cardi B is gone.

As any Shell aficionado knows, Cardi B has been a symbol of the protocol in boldness, artistry, and tenacity for years. In the words of Kenny White, “She was the first person recommended when I created the Shell Twitter, so I followed her.” Over time, that impulse grew to a deep and unrequited bond. We yearned to get Cardi B as an investor, watching with awe as she spoke her mind about… just about everything.

Now, all that is over. In a devastating snub, Cardi B has deleted her Twitter, reducing our following count from a lofty, pleasant ‘one’ to a cold and pretentious ‘zero.’ Something must be done, and this is where the toucans save the day.

We need Government Toucan holders to choose the next single account Shell Protocol will follow on Twitter.

The task is simple. The stakes are high. To organize this exercise in democracy, we have split the process into two phases: nomination and voting.


The first phase will take place on the Shell Protocol Discord in the #follow-proposals channel. This will be a ‘toucameral’ nomination process — anyone with at least one Government Toucan connected to the Discord via CollabLand will be able to nominate and vote. Votes will be weighted at one-vote-per-user, measured in user ‘checkmark’ reactions. ✅

To nominate a Twitter account as the next Shell Protocol follow, any user with a Toucan rank can post their proposal in the #follow-proposals channel. This post must begin with the exact characters below, or it will be deleted:


For example:


Any post which does not follow this exact format will be automatically deleted. If the same account is nominated multiple times, only the most popular proposal for that account will be considered. All other duplicates will be ignored.

The nomination process will run from now through 10:00 am Pacific Time on Saturday, April 9, 2022. After this, nominations will close and the eight nominees will advance to the voting stage.


Following the completion of the nomination stage, voting will occur on Shell Protocol’s Snapshot voting hub. You can get a head start now by connecting your wallet on Arbitrum and clicking ‘join’ on the hub homepage.

The vote will begin shortly after the proposal window ends. The Shell core team reserves the right to veto any proposals which would be unreasonably harmful to the community, but barring calamity we have no plans to intervene in any stage of the process.

One the vote begins, it will run for 72 hours before concluding. Voters will be able to rank their choices from the top eight nominees from first to last. Votes will then be tallied by Snapshot using a secure instant-runoff voting system. More importantly, votes will be counted at one vote per toucan in your wallet. A connected voter with 1,000 Government Toucans in-hand will cast 1,000 votes for the nominees of her choice.

The Shell Protocol voting hub on Snapshot

After the voting window is complete, the Shell team will announce the public results of the ranked-choice vote. One winner will be chosen, and this winner will be the sole account followed by Shell Protocol on Twitter from now into the foreseeable future.

Inspired? You should be. There are over 11.1K Twitter users following Shell Protocol, and that count is growing every day. Go out and collaborate, plan, and discuss with your fellow Toucan-holders. Cardi B’s throne is vacant, and it’s yours for the taking.

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